Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant Jobs

TAs and pupil support staff are heroes

You might not be a fully qualified teacher, but your role is just as important in the classroom.

Your day could include anything from setting up activities and offering one-to-one support, to helping on class trips and helping out with sports – so, like all our supply placements, it’s important that we find the right teaching assistant placement for you and your unique skills and experience. And we’ll always make sure you’re with an age group you’re comfortable with.

PK Education support staff can:

  • Provide additional support in literacy and numeracy, either on an individual basis or in groups in or out of the classroom, to ensure the best progress from pupils, whilst responding positively and effectively to any unacceptable behaviour
  • Support other professionals working alongside pupils, to share findings and work together as a team to provide the best learning outcomes
  • Support pupils with communication or interaction difficulties by using the most appropriate methods of communication
  • Maintain and develop relationships within the classroom to encourage all pupils to learn
  • Support pupils with learning difficulties, sensory or physical impairment showing an understanding of needs and adapt method of learning to encourage and engage in the classroom
  • Support pupils with behavioural, emotional and social development needs, providing consistent behaviour management strategies
  • Help with planning and lesson preparation, and use resources to create an effective learning environment and support activities in the classroom
  • Assist with recording the progress of pupils’ learning and providing support where necessary
  • Help with care and support of pupils, either individually or in groups under the guidance of the teacher, to ensure every student is achieving, and is safe and secure
  • Help manage pupil behaviour by promoting the school’s behaviour management policy
  • Promote student social and emotional development by being a positive role model for pupils, and offering mentoring where needed

If you have a specialism like science or literacy, we’ll find you a job that’s just right. Or if you’re bilingual or have experience with special educational needs, we’ll soon put your talents to good use.

We have positions for all kinds of teaching assistants, including higher level teaching assistant vacancies, where you’ll have much more responsibility and be able to have an even bigger impact on the children’s education.

Speak to our friendly supply teaching assistant team today to discuss which of our roles you think you’d be best suited to. Alternatively, browse our range of assistant teacher jobs to get started.