What is Supply Teaching?

Expecting the unexpected

As a supply teacher, you’re a bit of a hero. A school has a staffing emergency and you swoop in to save the day – capes are optional. Teachers can be off for many reasons, illnesses or training courses are the most common, but when they are, schools have a problem. They have a class with no teacher and kids who need teaching – and this is where you, as a supply teacher, come in.

Why be a supply teacher?

Most people didn’t get into teaching to be supply teacher – as rewarding and satisfying as it is.

For some it’s a stopgap after qualifying before they find the right permanent role for them. For others, being a supply teacher is a flexible alternative to the permanent role they’ve had for years, and gives them all the joy of teaching without the stress and responsibility that comes with teaching full-time these days. But whatever your motivations, experience or reasons for becoming a supply teacher, we’ll help you fulfil your ambitions.

Choosing the right supply teaching agency

We think it’s important that you choose a supply teaching agency that’s a good fit – in the same way that we only put supply teachers forward for roles they’re suited for. So why not get in touch with our friendly team to see if you’re a good fit to join the PK family.

Longer term work

Just like daily work, often schools have members of staff that need covering on a longer term basis.

If you have been working on a daily basis through schools and doing a good job, you may be their first choice for long term work and it may create permanent opportunities in the future. The main differences between long term and daily is the length of the booking and that it may require you to take on similar responsibilities to those permanently employed.

What will we do for you?

  • Fully understand what role you want to do, how many days a week you want to work and the type of schools you wish to work in
  • Work with you to create your very own profile of your skills and experience so that we can get you interviews and trial days with suitable schools
  • Talk to our local network of schools about you and what you are looking for
  • Get interview and trial days set up at suitable schools
  • Help you prepare for interview and trial days
  • Help you find the right opportunity for you
  • Pay in you in line with AWR regulations after 12 weeks

Creating your very own profile

  • Before attending your registration, we will send you the PK Profile template
  • The profile is a tool to help you to think about what skills and experience you could offer a potential school and will also help structure your experience, work history and education in an easy way that schools like
  • It will allow you to list your career highlights, such as qualifications, additional interests, work experience and key career achievements
  • At the interview we will then help you to finish off your profile and expand on any additional information that could help you find your ideal role!
  • Your profile will then be created to help find the right school for you and therefore they will be no need to fill in any application forms for schools