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PK education places staff on a temporary and permanent basis within an education environment. We focus on finding the right candidate for the right role, because we understand that education isn't like other types of business: placing the wrong candidate means compromising children’s education, and this for us is unacceptable.

The secret to PK education is that we are a specialist recruitment agency for this most specialist of professions. We don’t simply see recruitment as some sort of logistics game where the aim is to place as many candidates in as many vacancies as quickly as possible.

Clients come to us because our service isn’t just about freeing them from the physical tasks involved in finding staff, it’s about giving peace of mind. We don’t just follow the minimum industry safeguards: instead we use robust internal auditing to give the most professional safeguarding possible. That means you don’t have to worry about second-guessing our recommended candidate, giving you extra time to make more of a positive impact in today’s hectic school environment.

Candidates come to us because we treat people as professionals rather than pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. We want to find you the right job, one that’s going to make the most of your skills and leave you fulfilled. We know that simply trying to shove people into a vacancy as quickly as possible isn’t just morally wrong, it’s a false economy: putting even the best of teachers into the wrong position simply leaves everyone unsatisfied and won’t benefit you, the school, or us, in the future.

PK education: professional. responsible. dedicated.

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