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Sheffield – South Yorkshire


Our South Yorkshire office for teaching jobs in Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield is based in Sheffield. PK Education is situated on Vicar Lane in the city centre, just down road the Cathedral tram stop, a main stop on all three lines.

Sheffield is rich in transport links and boasts a great variety of both state and public schools. Probably the most useful way of combating Sheffield’s seven hills is making use of the tram network. The super tram runs on three lines, connecting suburbs such as Middlewood and Halfway, places that would otherwise seem much further away. Based on a recent poll, Notre Dam high school has been ranked as the best secondary school in Sheffield. Situated between the Broomhill and Ranmoor areas of the city, this school is in a calm and accessible setting, whilst not being too far from the centre. The rankings of schools in Sheffield speak for how diverse the city can be. Tapton which ranks at 3rd in the same poll is much nearer the heart of the city, whereas Bradfield School, fifth in the poll is arguably the most rural school in the area, actually surrounded by a largely pastoral community, but still only 15 minutes from the city in a car. Alongside this, those schools who received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted last year were: Seven Hills, Notre Dam, Tapton, and Talbot. Sheffield also has an outstanding private girl’s high school. Opened in 1878, Sheffield Girls’ prides themselves on offering a high standard of education. This goes to show just how Sheffield boasts a rich variety of city and rural schools, alongside excellent public and state schools. Our PK Education office in Sheffield is situated on Vicar Lane in the city centre, just down road the Cathedral tram stop, a main stop on all three lines.


Doncaster is a region that has a high standard of education, in all sectors. In terms of commuting Doncaster is relatively simple. Situated just near the A1 and M18, it’s easily accessed by car. If you wish to commute by train then Doncaster railway station is placed on the East Coast main line and managed by Virgin Trains East Coast. In terms of schools, PK education recognise that you’re never too far away from excellence in Doncaster, with our range of Doncaster teaching jobs and teaching assistant jobs reflecting the quality of the city’s education sector. According to a recent poll, the Hayfield School has been ranked as the best state secondary school in the area as of 2016. The most recent Ofsted Outstanding rating to be granted to an institution in Doncaster was to Stone Hill School in May 2015.


Located in-between Sheffield and Nottingham, this city is ideal for those who live within or who are looking to commute to teaching jobs in Chesterfield. With the train station being situated on the Midland Main line it’s easily utilised thanks to East Midlands Trains. One of example of an Ofsted Outstanding rating in the area is Ashgate Croft School. Situated in the eastern side of the centre, this school is also a prime example of how it’s always easy enough to get around thanks to it being near useful bus routes.


Situated halfway between Sheffield and Leeds, Barnsley is another area that’s easily commutable. Barnsley has a high standard of education as well as being an area that has stunning views in its more rural areas. Greenacre School is one such place that demonstrates the high standard of the area. Greenacre is a school that provides education for young people with both complex and severe needs, they pride themselves on a standard of excellence and care. Also, according to a recent poll, Barnsley Academy was granted a five-star rating. Located just on the south-side of the city centre it’s easily accessed with the public transport in the area. View our jobs section for all teaching and teaching assistant jobs in Barnsley.


Just north of Sheffield, this city is once again great for anyone who is looking to live there, or commute for work. Managed by Northern Rail, Rotherham train station offers great links around the area. The St Bernard’s Catholic High School is an example of the excellent standards that can be found in the area, after receiving their Outstanding Ofsted rating in 2011 they have continued their great work. Not only this, it’s also a great example of how the area is easy and simple to negotiate on public transport as it’s only 14 minutes from the interchange on public transport. See all of our teaching jobs in Rotherham in our jobs section.