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Back To School Anxiety

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As Schools begin to reopen, teachers, in particular, are faced with the difficult task of transitioning students back into the classroom environment. There are a number of things to consider which can help ease this transition for both teachers and students alike:

Dealing with anxious students  

All students will adapt to returning to school differently.   Some will be happy to be back others not so much. It’s really important to make ALL students feel welcome, validate their feelings and provide a safe environment to voice their worries and concerns. 

One idea for younger pupils might be to set up a worry jar. This is a great way for students to express and share their worries by adding them to the jar.  Then, as a class, you can discuss the worries openly and help put minds at ease.


While the need to return to learning and routine is important and the requirement for students to catch up with the learning they have all missed, it’s also important to allow a period of adjustment, reflection and celebration of all that has been achieved in such difficult circumstances.

Making time to explore and learn about our students experiences particularly home-learning ones will be an important part of their initial transition. Class discussions, poetry, music, art, dance, drama etc. would all provide authentic, therapeutic opportunities.

Well- being Check in

Create a space that allows regular check-ins and encourages your students to share how they are feeling and allows them to ask questions, either in a group environment or on a one to one basis.  This also allows teachers the opportunity to reinforce expectations too.

Provide reassurance and encourage Positivity and Mindfulness. A short 10-minute mindfulness activity is a great way to set up both yourself and the class for a day of positive learning.

Reach out to your peers

It’s important to reach out to relevant teacher and educational support networks, both inside of your own school and outside of it.   Always remember, you are not alone. Talk to other teachers and educators in your network, as well as your school leaders. That way you can all work together, share your learnings and advice and support each other through the transition.