Candidate Declaration | Supply Teaching | PK Education

Candidate Declaration

Please can you read through these declarations which provide an overview of the different parts of the registration pack you have completed and sign at the bottom:

  • I confirm that the personal information I have given is true and correct.
  • I confirm I am living at the address which I have provided evidence for.
  • I certify that I possess the qualifications that I claim to hold
  • I give PK Education permission to provide work seeking services on my behalf.
  • If, during the course of a temporary assignment, the client wishes to employ me directly, I acknowledge that PK Education will be entitled to either charge the client an introduction/transfer fee, or to agree an extension of the hiring period with the Client (after which I may be employed by the Client without further charge being applicable to the Client)
  • I certify that I am not disqualified from work with children.
  • I certify that I have read the Childcare Disqualification guidance and completed the declaration correctly.
  • I certify that I am not subject to sanctions imposed by the DBS/TRA/EWC/GTCS/SET and I am not currently suspended from work or awaiting the outcome of any investigation.
  • I certify that I am legally entitled to work in the UK.
  • I am aware that physical contact with pupils should be avoided and that inflicting physical punishment could have serious consequences including criminal prosecution and referral to the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).
  • I understand that if I have knowingly given false information, omitted, or concealed any relevant fact about my eligibility for work, I will have my name removed from PK Education’s register and will be reported to the TRA/EWC/ GTCS/SET/DBS which could lead to barring from work within education and possible referral to the police.
  • You will inform PK Education of any changes in your circumstance (i.e. a change of name) or any complaints that are made against you or anything that could affect your safeguarding status