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Delivering The Best Of Both Worlds

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As we move to a period of online teaching we’ve pulled together some top tips to keep your online lessons engaging.

  1. Set Expectations

It’s important to ensure online students follow the same routine as those in class. Basic things like ensuring students at home are sat in a quiet room at a table and wearing their school uniform. Set clear objectives for each lesson.

  1. Interaction

Set up breakout rooms mixing students in the class with those at home to have discussions and work on projects together.

  1. Feedback

Once students have completed their tasks ask each breakout group to present their work and discuss any questions that have emerged.

  1. Accountability

Set clear deadlines for students to submit their work. Encourage them to create a learning plan and stick to it. Set up individual check in’s for each student and give one-to-one feedback.

  1. Inject some fun

It can be hard keeping levels of engagement high so why not wrap up the lesson by hosting a short quiz based on the topic discussed. Or add in some interactive animated videos.

Ted Ed is a great resource full of creative tools and videos to use in your lessons to keep engagement high.

  1. Evaluate

Why not record your lessons and then review the content after. This will enable you to look for ways to improve and adapt your teaching based on student engagement levels.