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At PK Education, inspiring potential is at the core of everything we do. We are honoured to announce our collaboration with Danielle Jordan-Taft to showcase the remarkable work she’s doing.

Danielle is a recognised and successful athlete and entrepreneur who works with young people and schools to inspire the next generation.

My name is Danielle Jordan-Taft, and I am an international athlete and successful entrepreneur with a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports participation.

Having excelled in rugby 7s for Jamaica and netball for England, and founded two successful businesses, I am eager to contribute to the development of young minds and bodies by introducing engaging sports enrichment programs in schools.

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We are very proud...

…to collaborate with Danielle Jordan-Taft. She will be introducing sports coaching sessions in rugby and netball, conducting workshops on the transferable skills from sports to business, and giving motivational talks at schools across the UK and Europe. Her goal is to increase sports participation among students and address childhood obesity. Her programs will focus on developing physical fitness and instilling essential life skills that contribute to success in academics and future careers.

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