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Is at the very heart of everything we do at PK Education, and we are honored to announce that we are teaming up with Dr Helen Ross to share the great work she’s doing.

Helen worked for PK Education as a very successful Special Needs supply teacher, and is now a world leading Dyslexia expert.

As someone who is also dyslexic, Helen understands the importance of supporting young people to be their 'best self' by creating a positive working and educational environment to allow them to flourish.

Her mission is to drive positive change for dyslexic people of all ages and has created 'Helen's Place' to deliver effective support for businesses, schools and families through research projects, professional development and one-on-one tutoring.

Helen's Place

We are very proud

To be able to work alongside her, and Helen will be providing up to date industry news throughout the year that will benefit our supply teachers, in addition to useful resources they can use in the real world!

Please see below for more information about Helen’s Place and keep dropping into the website for further updates throughout the year!

Visit helensplace.co.uk

You can find out more about Helen and her work through her

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Hear from Helen

Dr Helen is our ear on the inside of Government! She is also an exceptional educator for those interested in gaining knowledge about dyslexia in schools!See below our growing library of recent decisions within Government that may affect the education sector.

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Meet Helen Ross

Recognising Dyslexia

SpLD and Neurodiversities