Key Information Document - PAYE 21+ Years | Supply Teaching | PK Education

Key Information Document – PAYE 21+ Years

This document sets out key information about your relationship with us and the intermediary or umbrella company used in your engagement, including details about pay, holiday entitlement and other benefits.


Your name:
Name of employment business:PK Education Ltd
Your employer:PK Education Ltd
Type of contract you will be engaged under:  Contract for services
Who will be responsible for paying you:  PK Education Ltd
How often the umbrella company and you will be paid:  Weekly
Holiday Entitlement & pay12.07% of basic pay (included in the rate)
Workplace PensionNEST – Automatic Enrolment
Deductions from your wage required by lawIncome tax
Employees National Insurance
Student loan
Employees pension (where applicable)

You will be paid through our own company payroll on a weekly basis one week in arrears, Payslips will state PK Education Limited as your employer and will be available on a portal. You will receive a registration email from myepay window.

Providing you meet the criteria, you will be automatically enrolled into our workplace pension scheme held with NEST Pensions. You will be able to opt out once you receive welcome information from NEST. If you opt out within one month of being enrolled you will receive your employee pension deductions refunded through payroll.

NEST Member helpline: 0300 0200090

Deductions from your wage (as required by law) will be paid to HMRC & NEST pension scheme by PK Education Limited. The amount of income tax paid will be dependant on your tax code and any query regarding tax codes should be raised with HMRC.

HMRC employee helpline number: 0300 2003300 Open: Mon-Friday 8am-6pm.


Example Rate£384.82
Split between basic & Holiday PayBasic £343.37
Holiday £41.45
Deductions required by law:Tax £28.40
Employees NI £11.43
Employees Pension £0.00
Any other deductions or fees:   £0.00
Example take home pay: £344.99

This example is based on an employee aged 21 or over, working 30 hours per week, who has opted out of the pension scheme. Employees pension amount on these earnings would be £13.73.

Please note that transcribing documents like this may be prone to human error and the tax amount will be dependent on your individual tax code. Ensure you verify the information for accuracy against the original document.