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Literacy Tips (Year 1 – 6)

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Comic strips offer a place to showcase an entire story in very few words. This activity will require students to tap into their creativity and vocabulary skills in rewriting a scene from a book.

All they’ll need is:

  • Scenes from a book
  • Blank paper 
  • Coloured pencils or markers 
  • Thesaurus 


  1. Assign a scene from a book to each student. 
  2. Instruct students to create a comic strip inspired by this scene. The purpose of the comic should mirror that of the scene but the tone should be humorous as that is typically how comic strips are written. The basic idea is to capture the essence of the scene in images and only a few choice words. No text from the scene should be copied in the comic aside from character and location names. 
  3. Display and discuss the comic strips as a class. What were some of the most effective ways a particular scene was portrayed?