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Nursery Nurses – is it time for a change?

With research last year revealing that 1 in 10 council run nurseries are now facing closure, PK Education is asking to nursery nurses to consider primary school teaching assistant (TA) roles.
Lee Carpenter, Director of PK Education explained: “Nursery Nurses from Early Years Settings have excellent transferable skills to the primary sector. We have vacancies now for Level 3 qualified nursery nurses. Supply work is a great opportunity to try out a new career direction before making the leap permanently.”

Research conducted on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nursery Schools, Nursery and Reception Classes last year revealed that 45 of the 400 maintained nursery schools are facing closure.

It follows the introduction of the Early Years National Funding Formula. Nurseries are being forced to make cuts in order to make up the shortfall created by the formula and also meet their obligation to the 30-hour free childcare offer for working parents.

With primary class numbers growing there is increasing demand for experienced TAs to support teachers in the classroom.

If you are a qualified Level 3 Nursery Nurse, you already have the level of qualification and skills required to work with primary pupils. You would also benefit from school holidays, set working hours and potentially shorter hours overall – all particularly attractive if you are a parent or carer yourself.

Working in a TA role, Nursery Nurses can bring many transferable skills, such as:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Behaviour management
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Patience

The experience of working with more than one age group can also make you more desirable to potential employers – a wider experience and knowledge base whilst working in education is always welcomed.

If you’re a Level 3 Nursery Nurse and ready for a new challenge, get in touch with the team at your local PK Education office who can help you find your new role in a primary school near you.

Alternatively, if you know a Nursery Nurse who is looking to make the move into primary education, then refer them to PK. If we secure them a role, then both you and your friend will receive a £150 from us as a thank you.