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    Answer these simple questions – and if we’re asking for a score, remember 1 is totally rubbish and 5 is totally awesome. We’re hoping for lots of 5s but please be as honest as you can.

    Your Name* Your Email* Which office did you register with? How did you complete the pack? How would you rate this registration process? How would you rate our registration room? How would you rate the friendliness of the PK staff? How confident are you that PK will find you work in the role you specified? How relevant were the interview questions to your specific experience and training? How positive was your overall PK Education experience? Any other observations, comments or suggestions on how we could improve the process? Thanks for taking the time to complete our little review. Understanding how we’re doing really helps us improve. We are very grateful for your participation in this Registration Review Form, which will remain fully confidential. However, should the need arise, do you agree to the disclosure of the contents of this Registration Review Form to a third party? YesNo

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