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Science Tips (Year 7 – 11)

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Engaging students in science remotely may have seemed like a real challenge just a short time ago but with so many incredible resources at your fingertips, not to mention so many awesome teachers adapting and sharing their online approach, inspiration really is all around.

Here are a couple of ideas we’ve come across that you might like to include in your own delivery: 

1. Lockdown Diary

A great way to mix up your biology lessons is to ask pupils to keep a food diary.  Over the course of the week ask students to note down how many times they eat a key nutrient.  Pupils can then share and discuss their entries online.

2. Pre-Record an Experiment

Why not pre-record yourself conducting an experiment back in your science lab and then play it back to the class online. Pause and ask questions along the way to see whether students can predict what the result might be and stimulate group discussion.

We are particularly enjoying the KS3 Physics lessons over at BBC Teach at the moment, check them out here.   What’s more, our friends over at STEM Learning have collated some fantastic resources that you can utilise to bring a further dimension to your lessons.