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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

We recognise that the internet provides unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and share information on particular topics using a wide variety of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Snapchat and wikis. However, your use of social media can pose risks to a schools confidential and proprietary information, and reputation, and can jeopardize your position.

To minimise these risks and to avoid any unwanted or awkward situations you are expected to adhere to the media policy of the institution in which you are working.

Breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may be taken regardless of whether the breach is committed during working hours, and regardless of the actual equipment being used to commit the breach.

Along with the social media policy at the school or institution in which you are working we also make the following recommendations:

1. Do not contact pupils through social media
2. Do no post anything that your colleagues or pupils would find offensive, including discriminatory comments, insults and obscenity.
3. Do not post anything relating to the client your are working for without their written permission. We also advise that any of your personal social media accounts are made private.