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Summer to-do list for supply teachers

If you’ve secured your next supply role in a primary school for September, then this summer’s break may not be as relaxing as you first thought, when you consider what you need to prepare ahead of the new term. Well, we’ve done the thinking for you so you can relax and enjoy your time off this summer.
Here’s a to-do list of all the things you may want to prepare ahead of the new academic year.

You may want to look at purchasing the following:

  • ​Material for a possible reading corner
  • Reward ​stickers
  • Any particular class books you want to read as they may sell out fast
  • ​Teacher’s diary / planner ​
  • ​USB sticks to make sure you always have enough memory. Better still set up a cloud storage account, such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive.
  • Baskets and pots for tables
  • Tissues/wet wipes/cloths for the boards and the tables
  • Boxes for books
  • ​Folders

The following information would be useful to collect ahead of the new term, as it will help you be more organised and ready for your first few days at the new school:

  • Class lists (names, DOB) ​
  • Speak to current teachers to gain insights on the pupils
  • Collect your timetable and get to know it! ​
  • ​ICT login
  • ​Work with colleagues on planning and ensure you get to know your colleagues; it will make it easier to ask questions and get help when you might need it

Begin displays that will help your class with their visual learning and that will help them get to know their class a lot better:

  • ​​Displays for topics and units to be covered
  • ​An ‘about our class’ display​ which could involve a small description on each pupil ​
  • ​A birthday timetable on display
  • ​A display that encourages pupils to read in the reading corner ​
  • ​​Class rules clearly stated somewhere on display​
  • ​​Timetables to help the pupils keep track of the days and when they do what
  • ​Posters ​
  • ​Seating plans for the children. They will not only get them talking with new people but it will help you to get to know their names a little better

Here are some things that you could sort into folders to make organising them and finding them a lot easier:

  • A reading folder for each pupil to help keep track of your pupils’ reading skills
  • ​Assessments and tests done by the pupils
  • ​Planning – weekly. Maybe plan this a couple of weeks ahead to start with and then you will be able to get to know your class without stressing over what to do in your lessons with them.
  • ​Meeting arrangements, so you never miss a meeting
  • ​Homework

If you don’t have a new role lined up for September, don’t worry, we can help. We have plenty of long and short-term roles coming through with a September start so why not get in touch with your local PK Education office in Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield or Wakefield.