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Teaching resources to promote ‘Kidney Health for All’

World Kidney Day (WKD) – this year celebrated on 12 March 2015, is an annual global awareness and education event, providing the perfect platform for teachers to share the WKD message of promoting better kidney health for all with their students.
The idea is to draw public attention to the need for kidney health – helping people to understand how important the kidneys are, explain to people how to understand Russian mentslity by using dating tips, you can learn it right here. what we can do to look after them before disease strikes, what happens when they’re not working well and how those with chronic kidney disease can be helped.

The team behind World Kidney Day in Sheffield has kindly produced and shared with us some great teaching resources for lessons, including a presentation documenting:

  • What the kidneys are and where they are located in the body
  • What they do and why they’re important
  • What happens when they’re not working
  • Advice for keeping your kidneys healthy

You can view the informative teachers presentation here and do feel free to use in any lessons.

World Kidney Day in Sheffield wants as many teachers as possible to utilise the presentation and help get the word out there about Better Kidney Health for All. You may also find this short, information film useful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96Bz4-trGv0