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A silver lining to COVID-19: Collaboration, essentialism, and deepening relationships.

When you switch on the news today you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be met with a wave of depressing Covid-19 related stories and statistics. What you won’t find so much of, unless you’re prepared to dig deep, is the silver linings that can be found in the education sector.

Yes, believe it or not, even in the face of a pandemic, they do exist. We believe these silver linings – these moments of inspiring potential – need to be shared and held onto as the pandemic rages on, winter comes knocking and the nights draw in.  

In the face of adversity, the teaching profession has shown us once again, they are made of strong stuff. From online teaching, staggered starts, bubbles, Coronavirus behavioral codes, one-way systems, staggered mealtimes, PPE, and deep-cleans. You name it. They’ve done it and then some. All to make the learning environment as safe as physically possible for their pupils and staff.

Supporting pupils as they’ve returned to school has no doubt been a challenge. Teachers have had to draw upon their wide skills and experience to provide each pupil with the specific emotional and academic advice and guidance they’ve needed.

Throughout all this, we have, of course, been maintaining an appropriate level of contact with our schools and candidates offering our support however we can.

Though varied, almost all of the feedback we’ve received in that time has illuminated our candidate’s and school’s commitment to their professions and to the students they serve.

Here, we share a small selection of the silver linings we’ve received from our PK Education teaching community:

“The intensive training in remote classroom software and online teaching has and will better enable our school and students to respond to any potential lockdowns this winter”.

“I’ve had to put on my vulnerable hat by allowing 26+ families into my home via zoom. From that experience, I have in some cases deepened relationships with my pupils which may not necessarily have occurred in a more traditional setting”

“As colleagues, we are collaborating more than ever in this remote world. We are relying on one another more and working together so that all of our students can succeed.”

I have become an essentialist. And I’ve learned that the most important things are still possible with distance learning: reading, writing, discussion, choice, authenticity, and creativity.”

“Schools really do have a grip on things and systems are working well. In fact, in some cases, we’ve actually heard of children’s behaviour improving as a consequence of the new rules”

“I know that Zoom has had its issues, but personally, I’ve loved using it for certain activities. Breakout rooms have enabled me to continue boosting collaboration among my students

…I’ve had more opportunities to meet one-on-one with students who are struggling without the distractions that naturally occur in the classroom”.

“Although I frequently use various technologies in my classes, this period has forced me to work outside of the box and use technology that I had not previously used as a part of my classes.”

“Remote learning has served as a vehicle for me to become a more well-rounded teacher, and it has opened my eyes to the extremely difficult situations that some of our students face.”

“It’s given me a new appreciation for the simple ability to go into work and be with my students and colleagues.”

“The shift to remote learning didn’t change my practice—only the delivery. I think it is important to be flexible and prepared for anything. The positive change is how fast I found myself learning and embracing the format of technology that I didn’t choose in the past. Once school returns, I will always make videos of lessons to reach out to those who are home-bound and we will be better connected than before.”

“The idea of doing online learning would have filled many with dread eight months ago has now has become a fixed part of my daily life which I’ve come to enjoy.”

Whilst we don’t know what lies ahead for us all this winter, we hope you can take comfort from this insight and positivity and remember, your team stretches beyond your immediate school community. The team at PK Education are here and ready to help you however we can.

But in the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing.  Because it’s clear, you are doing a remarkable job and you’ve got this.

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