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Day in the life of… a supply teacher

Day in the life of… a supply teacher

David Rennie, (55) from Leicestershire is a supply teacher specialising in PE, working with supply teacher agency PK education. Here, David gives us the low down on a typical day for a supply teacher…

I wake up early, around 6.00am. My wife is also a teacher so even though I’m working on supply I tend to get ready at the same time she does. Working on supply means sometimes not knowing where you’re heading to when you wake up, so I like to get up and get ready in case I do have a bit of a commute ahead of me.

I await a phone call from PK education, the supply teacher agency I am registered with. They ask me if I’m available to teach today which I am. This is then followed by a quick chat and brief about the school.

Straight after my phone call with PK education I await an email with a full brief, which includes the postcode for my Satnav to direct me to the school I’m teaching at.

I leave the house at about quarter to eight, ready to beat any traffic on the way to the school. I like to arrive within good time so I can familiarise myself with the school surroundings and hopefully make it in time for the staff morning meeting. Today I’m off to a school I’ve already taught at before so I’m quite relaxed about the journey, which is only about 10 miles from my house.

I arrive at the school ready for my day of teaching. I report to the reception where I’m welcomed with a folder of information about the school, and a lanyard for my ID badge. I then Iink-up with the PE Head of Department before teaching so I can get a good feel for the classes I’m going to teach. I always find that when you’re working on supply the more information you’re armed with means you’re more likely to do a good job.

I begin teaching at 9.00am with a group of Year 7s. I start with getting them to warm up especially as it is first thing in the morning! Then we get on with the lesson, which is badminton.

At 10.30am the school has break time during which I report back to the PE office and catch up with the PE team. I always get on well with PE staff. I get the feeling that as soon as they know you’re actually a qualified PE teacher they’re happy to have you there.

After break time, I start a lesson with the Year 8s, this time teaching basketball which is followed by lunch at 12.30pm.

At lunch I tend to stay in the PE area again. When you do daily supply teaching you’re not expected to do any admin over lunch but of course I always volunteer to help if I’m required.

After lunch, we resume teaching. This afternoon I’m teaching football to the Year 10s and to the Year 9s.

The afternoon finishes at around 3.30pm then I report back to the school reception to hand in my folder and lanyard. I head back to the car to travel home. Usually, when there’s no traffic, I will be home for 4.00pm.