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Teaching after retirement

Teaching after retirement

Name: Dave Telford

Age: 57

Specialism: I originally qualified as a Design and Technology secondary school teacher but I’ve also worked in Special Education for around ten years.

PK Education office: North East

How long have you worked as a teacher?

I qualified as a Design and Technology teacher in 1997 and I’ve worked as a teacher across a number of subjects, including roles in Special Education schools since 1998.

Previously I had worked as a Pipe Organ Fitter but I really fancied a change in career and had always thought about being a teacher so I finally bit the bullet and started my training.

What made you turn to supply teaching as a career?

After a number of years as a DT teacher in special schools, I was offered the opportunity to retire early in 2013.

Whilst I was happy about being able to retire, I still wanted to be able to teach as it’s something I really enjoy doing.  Supply teaching after retirement also offers the flexibility that I wanted.

How long have you worked with PK Education?

I signed up with PK Education as soon as I started looking into supply teaching in 2013. I initially signed up for day-to-day temporary roles to keep my hand in teaching – and to keep a bit of extra money coming in for holidays every now and then.

When I was a permanent teacher the school I worked at regularly received supply teachers from PK Education so I had met a number of their candidates. All of the candidates sounded really happy with what they were doing so I knew they must be a good agency to work for!

It’s now been two years since I began working with PK Education and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every minute. My main contact is Amber at the Newcastle office and she’s great to deal with. I’ve been treated very well by the team at Newcastle and it really makes a difference.

What kind of assignments have you had?

I’ve had a real variety of roles, my specialism is DT but I’ve worked across different subjects and key stages including primary and secondary.

I initially signed up for day-to-day roles which I have really enjoyed but I have also been given the opportunity to work on longer term placements if I wanted to. Currently I’m working on a longer term placement due to an unexpected sickness at the school I’m working at. I was primarily brought in to cover a few days but as the teacher is unfortunately still ill I’m still there and it’s now been four weeks.

How has supply teaching helped you?

Supply teaching after retirement has allowed me to enjoy myself as I no longer have the pressure of working full time yet I can still work as and when I want to – not many professions allow you to have that flexibility.

I would definitely recommend supply teaching as a way to gain more experience and as a way to keep your hand in the world of work if you’re taking early retirement, or if you’re between roles.