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Geography Tips (Year 1 – 6)

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Geography needn’t be all textbook based.  Having fun and injecting some creativity into you’re your geography classes will help inspire and encourage your class to learn more.   

So why not try one of the following.

1. Maps

Ask each student to draw a map of where they live. Then during your online lessons ask each student to present their map telling the class about where they live and what’s around them.  This is great to help them understand their immediate environment.  To really boost their imagination you could ask them to create a magic island instead!

2. Around the world

Using flags from around the world is a great visual exercise to educate your class on all the different countries around the globe.   To make the lesson even more interactive you can ask your pupils to explore their kitchen cupboard to see if they have any food or spices that represent the countries you are discussing.

3. Weather

Kids love the snow and this winter we’ve seen our fair share.     Making children aware of the climate around them and how weather is formed will certainly spark interest.  But even more so with the help of the Go Jetters.  

There are some great animations to add to your lessons here.