Loyalty Reward Scheme for Schools | PK Education, Supply Teaching Agency

Loyalty Reward Scheme for Schools

Supply teachers play an instrumental role in the running of schools across the UK and, when a school keeps choosing PK Education, we want to reward that loyalty.
With this new reward scheme, schools earn points for every day’s supply booked. Schools will earn two points per day and, once you’ve reached 50 points, you can start to redeem the points for equipment, TA support and so much more. Here are some ideas we have for your school and what you can spend your points on:

25 days / 50 points

  • Personalised certificate design and 25 printed A4 certificates. You get a digital copy of the design which you can then use to make your own copies at school.
  • 35 Whiteboard Drywipes
  • Book Bundle – choose up to 15 books

50 days / 100 points

  • 1 x pop-up banner in a design of your choice
  • 2 days of TA support
  • Ultra-durable TuffCam 2

75 days / 150 points

  • 8 x 4ft banner, printed with a design of your choice
  • Insect Habitat Study Centre / Junior Electricity Kit
  • Book bundle – choose up to 50 books

100 days / 200 points

  • Sports training equipment
  • Custom high-visibility vests
  • 3 x Acer tablets

125 days / 250 points

  • Sports Day kit
  • 5 days of TA support
  • Wooden plant bed with inspection window

150 days /300 points

  • iPad or iPad Mini
  • 8-page school prospectus / brochure, professionally designed and printed
  • Ten custom printed football kits

175 days /350 points

  • Entertainment package (incl. disco, popcorn machine, Slushy Machine and inflatables)
  • 6 x Acer Tablet bundle
  • Marketing bundle – choose from a wide range of products incl pens; banners; calculators; brochures and more.

200 days/ 400 points

  • Full football set up. Incl. 2 x goals, balls and bibs
  • Event sponsorship by PK Education
  • 10 days of TA support

Lee Carpenter, Director at PK Education commented on the new scheme: “We believe in doing things the right way, building relationships on understanding and respect – and working to a code of ethics that separates us from the sales-based teaching agencies you might be used to. That’s why we have developed the PK Reward Scheme.

“Our Reward Scheme has been put into place to help schools get the extras they desire, without having to dip into precious funds. Start collecting your points today and discover how we intelligently match teachers to schools, giving both sides the confidence and support they need.”

To register for the PK Education Reward Scheme, simply get in touch with your PK Consultant or email us here. Terms and conditions apply.