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Top tips on preparing to go back to school

With September quickly approaching, teachers across the UK are getting ready to go back to school for the new academic year.
It’s not only kids who find the return to school a daunting time, there’s many a teacher who shares that dread. However, if you invest time preparing at the beginning of the year, it can reap rewards throughout the term.

Here’s our checklist of top tips to help you start as you mean to go and make this school year as smooth as possible for you and your students,

  1. First impressions count – If you have a new class, the first impression you give to the pupils will set the tone for the rest of the school year. Be calm, assertive and make sure you try and get to know each pupil’s name as quickly as possible.
  2. Let the pupils get to know each other – If you can set them off with team tasks and get them confidently communicating with each other, it will make for a much smoother running classroom.
  3. Buy the appropriate equipment – Do an equipment check before September so that you can go into your first day back confident that you have all the necessities for your classroom.
  4. Get to know your students’ abilities – It’s crucial for your success with the class to see where they are currently at before moving forward. You could plan out an initial test, for example, just to see the level of pupils you are working with so you can plan content accordingly throughout the year.
  5. Welcome both pupils and parents – A letter welcoming both pupils and their parents back to school will help set a positive tone for the year ahead.


If you’re a supply teacher and haven’t yet got your next role, please contact your local PK Education office where our team of consultants can help match you to your next school.