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ECT Supply Teaching

So, you’ve just qualified as a teacher (or just about to)

Supply teaching might be the perfect option to ease yourself into the world of teaching – or even get experience in different schools to see where you want to work full-time.

You probably have a few questions or are unsure if ECT supply teaching is even the right thing to do. So to set your mind at rest, please take a look at our ECT FAQs below – and if there’s anything we haven’t covered, please get in touch.

What are my options as an ECT?

Once you’ve finished uni you have three options as a early career teacher. Firstly, get a permanent job in a school. Secondly, get a temporary full-time position in a school. And last but not least, supply teaching. Not many people know this, but you can achieve all three of these through a recruitment agency – like us – and you’ll benefit from our knowledge of local schools, contacts with head teachers and support on sprucing up your CV and interview techniques. So whichever route you think you’re heading, it’s always work having a chat to us.

Isn’t supply teaching a bit of a booby prize?

People used to think that a few years ago, but things have changed. Supply teaching has now become a rightly respected and essential part of the education industry. Recruitment agencies have adapted and evolved, and those (like us) that specialise in working with newly qualified teachers have created a service that reassures and takes care of ECTs after graduating.

Does supply teaching count towards my induction year?

Yes. If you work as a supply teacher on a temporary contract. And you can do the whole year in one school, or in three separate schools – one in each term. Which is great for getting a really broad experience – which will look great when you’ve done your induction year and are ready for your next challenge.

Will supply teaching look a bit iffy on my CV?

No. Not at all. Supply teaching means you have experience in lots of different schools. Which is definitely an advantage.

We love ECTs

We’ve already helped countless newly qualified teachers to achieve their career goals, please get in touch to see how we can help you. We have some great career opportunities including ECT primary teaching jobs.