PK Education helpers have been visiting schools in the North and Midlands

Santa’s PK Education helpers visit schools

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from Father Christmas


Santa’s PK Education helpers and his little elves have been popping into say hello at primary schools across the North and Midlands. Our consultants Pete (jolly man with spectacles, white hair, a beard and a moustache) and Nazia (wearing festive elf attire) have dropped off sweeties, stationary and PK Education  gift boxes. They visited nursery, reception and years 1-4 at Meadow Farm Primary School in Derby.

PK Education helpers

Closer to the North Pole, our Ben filled in for an absent Father Christmas helper at Esh Winning Primary School – the usual one had a terrible cold.

PK Education consultant dressed as Father Christmas

Ben visited Esh Winning Primary School to introduce himself as the new primary consultant and meet for the first time, face-to-face. He began talking about the school’s plans for Christmas, which led to Nikki, the Office Manager mentioning that their usual Father Christmas aka Santa Clause couldn’t attend the morning session.

“I volunteered straight away as I saw it as a great opportunity to spend some time in the school and get to know some of the staff and children. I also saw it as a great way to grow my experience and knowledge of how schools operate as I am new to the education industry.” – Ben 

Ben (jolly man with white hair, a beard and a moustache) spent most of the day with Lyndsey, one of the Teachers and HLTAs and he spent time with 6 year groups altogether. Nursery, Reception, Year 1, 3, 4 and 5.

He spent 20-30 minutes with each year group. Started off by reading a book – ‘Train to Christmas Town’ for the Nursery, Reception and Year 1’s, and ‘The Polar Express’ to the Year 3, 4 and 5. After finishing the book, they talked about what the children wanted for Christmas, then finished off by handing out some presents.

There was one moment that stood out. At the end of the session with the Reception class, one of the children came over to Ben and handed him a piece of chocolate and said “thank you for coming Santa” and gave a hug. It was a great feeling to know that he had made her day!

“Thank you very much to Ben who was an absolutely fantastic Santa for the morning. The children were very excited to receive hot chocolate and biscuits as they listened to a story from Santa (Ben). Ben was incredibly friendly and willing to follow any advice that was given. Thank you to Ben for giving up his time. A very successful Santa visit.” – Caroline, the Head at Esh Winning

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