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PK Education pledges free first-aid training to 100 UK supply teachers

Due to the shocking fact that schools are not required to have a trained first aider on site, supply teacher agency, PK Education, has pledged to train 100 supply teachers across the UK in first aid for free before the end of the year.

With more and more schools turning to supply teachers to support their workforce, PK Education is ensuring that temporary teachers, cover supervisors and teaching assistants have the necessary skills and training to save a life.

St John’s Ambulance has revealed that more than 140,000 people die each year from incidents that could have been avoided by using First Aid. The statutory minimum first aid requirements for schools include having a first aid box, an appointed person in charge of first aid arrangements and information for staff.

Lee Carpenter, Director of PK Education commented: “Our supply teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors work in primary and secondary schools throughout the North and Midlands on a daily basis. By equipping them with vital first aid skills we are working towards helping to ensure that there is a person in school who could make a very real difference in a life or death situation.”

Lee added: “First Aid is an essential skill for life. It’s key that supply teachers know how to perform CPR, deal with choking, burns and more. You can never predict when something untoward is going to happen. Having the right skills to deal with a medical crisis, greatly decreases the chances of tragedy occurring.”

The free full-day first aid training workshop is open to all supply teachers, cover supervisors and teaching assistants registered with PK Education. PK Education is running the free one-day first aid workshop at its offices in Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham.

To find out about PK Education’s first aid course availability see here

All courses have limited availability and are on a first-come-first-served basis.