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Our PK Supply Teachers of the Year 2017 share their Supply Top Tips

Our recent Supply Teacher Awards recognised four individuals who are doing a sterling job in their profession and loving supply teaching.
It seemed only right, therefore, to find out their top tips for supply teaching. If you’re thinking of becoming a supply teacher or of registering with an agency for teaching, cover supervisor or teaching assistant work, then read on for advice from our winning candidates.

Find out more about our winners for the PK Education Supply Teacher Awards 2017 here.

Claire Poynton-Smith, East Midlands Supply Teacher of the Year 2017

“Make sure you research the agencies in your area and feel like the ones you sign with are a good fit for you. I spent time Googling agencies and reading reviews (on their websites, online generally, and from teaching unions) and this paid off as I found PK Education, who were perfect for me.”

Emily Bedford, West Midlands Supply Teacher of the Year

“When first getting into supply teaching take a look at a couple of agencies and go with the one you feel most comfortable with. I felt Kirsty, my consultant at PK Education, was more down to earth and more realistic about certain aspects of the job and your role as a supply teacher and I really appreciated this.

“I had only just done my PGCE but thought supply would be perfect way to experience different settings and schools. I’ve ended up in a long-term position now in a lovely school who have made me feel so welcome. I would recommend supply teaching to anyone.”

Anna Fronkova, North East Supply Teacher of the Year

“First develop a good, open relationship with your PK contact. Secondly, be reliable and respond immediately to calls and emails. ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’, let’s stop all this time wasting! Lastly, never let the schools down. This is my simple method towards success. Actually, it’s simply good, old fashioned courtesy! Stuff that’s in us all!”

Harshad Patel, South Yorkshire Supply Teacher of the Year

“Always be very positive, adaptable and go to every new placement with an open mind. You may have tough days but don’t get aggressive or angry; you need to do the best for each individual child – that’s what you are there for at the end of the day and to make a difference to their lives.

“Always give as much time and attention as you can and try relating to all the children – you never know what is going on with them personally or at home.”

If you’d like to find out more about supply teaching opportunities with PK Education then please get in touch with your local office here.