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Turning redundancy into positivity

Turning redundancy into positivity

Name: Saima Mahmood

PK Education office: Manchester

After dealing with redundancy, Saima Mahmood, one of our candidates from our North West office in Manchester, used supply teaching to allow her to complete her PGCE… all the while juggling family life.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Saima has worked in education for 15 years before deciding to embark on her PGCE. Unfortunately, just before her NQT year she was made redundant in 2017. It was at this point she decided to join PK Education and give supply a try.

She explained, “Supply teaching gave me the opportunity to complete the teaching qualification, giving me an income, as well as juggle a hectic family life. It has been incredible. The flexibility that supply teaching offers has made my life so much easier.”

The change from permanent to supply teaching was a challenge, but Saima found that she loved it. “You can experience such a range of schools, pupils and roles through supply. I’ve found that I personally prefer supply on a more long-term basis, because you get the security of a longer contract and the kids get to know you better.”

Saima has learnt a lot in her first year of teaching and supply. She advised: “Be clear about what it is that you want with both the agency and schools so that you can be matched to the right role for you. Commit yourself to the role and always work hard – you’re representing yourself and the agency, too. Being professional is always key.”

Saima’s hard work and passion for teaching has not only been recognised by PK, but also the schools she works in who nominated her for the 2018 North West Supply Teacher of the Year title. She said: “Winning the award was a lovely boost after having just finished my PGCE course. It’s nice to receive this recognition. I’m naturally quite a shy person so this blew me away. It’s a lovely way to round off the end of the school year.”