Supply survey results show supply teachers feel more supported by schools | PK Education

Our supply teachers feel more supported than ever by schools

The results are finally in for PK Education’s annual supply teacher survey, and we’re delighted to reveal that our supply teachers feel more supported than ever by permanent staff in the schools they work in.
82% of all respondents to the 2017 survey reported that they felt supported by permanent teaching staff in schools; and it is thanks to the close and committed relationships that PK consultants have with the schools they work with.

This means, when we match a candidate to a school, we can arm them with all the information they need before they even set foot through the door, from the where to park and school day timings to key contacts and class sizes.

The latest survey represents a year-on-year growth on the level of support supply teachers, cover supervisors and teaching assistants tell us they are getting in schools.

In 2014, the PK Education supply teacher survey revealed just 39% of you felt supported by your permanent peers in schools. This figure has since risen to 49% in 2015, 73% in 2016, and 82% in 2017.

Following the 2014 survey results, PK Education has been improving client relationships and supplying candidates with relevant information in a phone call before they get to the schools. This is an adopted policy across the company’s four offices in Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Lee Carpenter, Director of PK Education commented: “It’s fantastic to know that our candidates feel supported in schools.  Supply teachers are playing an increasing role in schools, with many relying on them on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on matching the candidate to the school as we want it to be a positive experience for both and not just a class babysitting exercise. This, and our consultant’s strong personal relationships with schools, has contributed significantly to candidates feeling more supported than ever in their roles.”

The survey also revealed that better flexibility (47%) and work-life balance (39%) remain the key reasons candidates choose to take up supply teaching.

If you’re looking for a better work-life balance, flexibility and support in a teaching role, then register with PK Education here; or, search for job vacancies that we have in your area, here.