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Supply teachers’ wishes for education in 2017

Approaching the end of 2016, PK Education asked supply teachers across the UK the question of: ‘If you had one wish for Education in the New Year, what would it be?’, as part of our Christmas Gift Survey.
We received mixed responses for the question but with an overall theme of education requiring more funding and that teachers are allowed to ‘teach’ being aided by cutting down on paperwork. Here are a few of the answers we wanted to share with you:

“For children to be allowed to learn at their own pace and for all progress to be celebrated, even if it’s less than their classmates have made.”

“For education to be free and accessible for all.”

“A reformed Ofsted, reviewed assessment and less pressure for staff delivering the curriculum. But, most of all, for the best opportunities to be offered to all of our little people wherever they are.”

“For more funding to be given to the arts.”

“To bring back a sensible work-life balance within the profession.”

“For the Government to let teachers teach and take away targets, letting students be individuals.”

“For it to be less about the statistics and admin and more about the teaching.”

“To let teachers get on with educating and not just teaching to tests and targets.”

“Be professional with a smile on your face and channel joy and happiness in your classes and with all you meet”

“For teachers and pupils to have a well-deserved rest.”

We wish you all a well-deserved rest over the Christmas break too! We hope that at least some of these wonderful wishes come true over the next year and that the education sector benefits as a result. If you are interested in finding out the results of the Christmas Gift Survey, find them here.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year from all of the team here at PK Education.