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What is supply teaching?

What is supply teaching?

Expecting the unexpected

As a supply teacher, you’re a bit of a hero. A school has a staffing emergency and you swoop in to save the day – capes are optional. Teachers can be off for many reasons, illnesses or training courses are the most common, but when they are, schools have a problem. They have a class with no teacher and kids who need teaching – and this is where you, as a supply teacher, come in.

Why be a supply teacher?

Most people didn’t get into teaching to be supply teacher – as rewarding and satisfying as it is. For some it’s a stopgap after qualifying before they find the right permanent role for them. For others, being a supply teacher is a flexible alternative to the permanent role they’ve had for years, and gives them all the joy of teaching without the stress and responsibility that comes with teaching full-time these days. But whatever your motivations, experience or reasons for becoming a supply teacher, we’ll help you fulfil your ambitions.

Choosing the right supply teaching agency

We think it’s important that you choose a supply teaching agency that’s a good fit – in the same way that we only put supply teachers forward for roles they’re suited for. So why not get in touch with our friendly team to see if you’re a good fit to join the PK family.

We have a great selection of jobs including NQT supply teaching and primary supply teaching.